Stories of Impact

Why serve at a free clinic?

Why serve at the Healing Bridge Clinic? See what our staff and volunteers have to say about giving back to the community.

Volunteer Profile: Regina Char

When Regina Char retired, she found a new home at the Healing Bridge Clinic. She loves volunteering so much, she calls it "a little selfish because I love being here so much."

Patient Profile: Robert McGee Jr.

When the Healing Bridge Clinic's volunteer provider Dr. Angeline Dy saw the shape of Robert McGee's foot, she almost sent him straight to the ER. She wasn't certain she could save the foot from amputation. A culture revealed the source of the infection and, with the proper medication and care, McGee's foot is now healed.

What drove City of Hope VP to the Healing Bridge Clinic's Board?

Patrick Brown, the V.P. of Business Development at City of Hope Atlanta, is the new board president of the Healing Bridge Clinic. "The immediate word that comes to mind for me in this clinic is just access," he said. "You shouldn't be defined by your zip code or your socioeconomic status in terms of the quality of care that you receive."

Volunteer Profile: Dr. Angeline Dy

Dr. Angeline Dy is a military spouse who's lived all over the world. When she moved to Peachtree City to be near family, she looked for an opportunity to give back to the community. "I'm so blessed that my path has crossed with the Healing Bridge Clinic and that I'm able to help patients in our population that don't have insurance or don't have the means to get healthcare and be taken care of," she said.

Volunteer Profile: Terry Porter

Terry Porter became a registered nurse at the age of 30 and spent her career with the U.S. Public Health Service. When she retired, she looked for an opportunity to volunteer her services. She's been volunteering at the Healing Bridge Clinic and helping our patients since 2019. "I think we're all like-minded in the sense that we're here for a similar purpose," she said.

Employee Spotlight: Kat Muncher

A debilitating disease forced Kat Muncher to leave her job as a nurse. After the birth of her son, she returned to health care when she joined the team at the Healing Bridge Clinic. She discovered something she'd never experienced in a job before.

Patient Profile: Alfred Jones

When Alfred Jones first came to our clinic, he could barely walk. “They took the time to nurture me, to do things to help facilitate my healing,” he said of our caregivers. Watch this short video as Alfred shares his experience at the Healing Bridge Clinic.

Employee Spotlight: Kim Campbell

If our patients need anything, our family nurse practitioner Kim Campbell will stop at absolutely NOTHING to find it. She is a bulldog when it comes to getting our patients the highest level of care possible and she is a blessing to our clinic. "The providers and volunteers definitely work here for the right reason," she said. "They really have a heart for those that are in need." We invite you to watch this short video to hear more about Kim's passion for our patients.

Patient Profile: Romeo Pinto

Romeo and his wife Angela knew nothing of the Healing Bridge Clinic until they attended one of our Pop Up Doc events with The Giving Kitchen. Both lost their jobs in 2020 and, with that, their health insurance. Angela's asthma took a turn for the worse when the couple came down with COVID-19. Just at the point they thought she would need to be hospitalized, they met our team, signed on as patients and started to receive the treatment they desperately needed. They've been on the mend ever since!

Patient Profile: Sharon

The biggest blessing of the work we do here at Healing Bridge is to help people like our patient Sharon.

“I do believe the Healing Bridge saved my life. I'll be honest. It's just a miracle place,” she said. Sharon asked that we do not show her face, but hear her thoughts on the help she's received at our clinic in her own words.